Easy Tutorials

How To Add Flash Animation In Blogger For Free

Flash animations are better then GIF animation to make your site attractive.Because GIF has rich content which are displayed frame by frame.This make site slower.So I found the way with which you can embed flash into posts and as adds or gadgets.This tutorial also tells about direct link.Which is usefull in many ways.

How To Remove Blogspot From Blog Address

If you are tired of the big name of your Blog dew to addititon of Blogspot.Then don't worry I bring an easy way with which you can reduce the name of your Blog.So your visitor can easily go to your Blog.

How Redirect One Blog To Another Blog

In blog we can only create ten pages.But with this trick you can create many pages.And also sometime we have to automatically drive our readers to new blog from specific blog or post.You can also redirect your visitor to other blog from specific post.This work is done with Macromedia flash.

How To Make A News Bar Gadget In HTML

New bar gadget is useful to show your blog's or site's news or latest content.I know this work can be done in flash but keep in mind some time readers don't have flash player.So there will be now problem because this gadget is prepared in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).

Yahoo Media Player - Best Mp3 Player For Musical Blogs

In this tutorial I gave detail about yahoo player.Tutorial is written according to blogger environment.But this player can be added anywhere.Some simple hacks are also described which are important.It is very easy to use and automatically detects mp3 links.I think music fan blogger must read this tutorial.

How To Add Drop Down Menu In Blogger Easily

Drop Down Menu makes very easy for visitors to navigate between popular pages of any website.I found an easy way to add drop down menu in blogger with a simple code.In this tutorial I brought two different styles of drop down menu.I thoroughly explained in this tutorial for those who have no enough knowledge about building website.I hope you will enjoy.